02 October 2011

You *haven't* been to Sassafras?!?

... is what a colleague recently said to me, in a tone that suggested I had committed some kind of mortal sin.
The BF and I were due for a holiday anyway, and I had a little spare cash, so I booked a night in Sassafras.

It was lovely!  So green, so lush.  We got rained on all day the first day, but a bit of sun poked through the clouds on the second day.

A lovely view of farms and trees through the mist.
Lots of pretty flowers in bloom.

Not a flower, but  Chinese Cedars are so hot right now.
The BEST place was Tea Leaves, a store which sells about 300 varieties of tea and boasts of the most extensive range of teapots!
No bulls please :)
They had this one, which I thought was the coolest:

A nice surprise was finding a wool store!  I bought myself some goodies!
Yes, calm down, I am now the owner of a Zauberball!!!
But it was quite touristy.  Lots of gift shops full of rubbish.  Like this:
Giant cherries anyone?  (I apologise for offending you if you have one of these in your house)
I'm fairly certain Sassafras has the highest density of tea rooms per square kilometre in the world.  And we didn't have scones anywhere!  So I promptly made myself some when we got home, using my favourite easy recipe.
Mine looked just as tasty! (via)
A bit sad I didn't go to Miss Marples or the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, but my least favourite thing about holidays are tourists, even when I am one, so it was probably for the best!!

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