30 September 2013

Simplicity 2215: skirtastic!

I have made the dress version of this pattern, but it is not fit to share, so instead I worked up this skirt before getting back to the arduous task of fixing the dress.

Look how cute this fabricis? I just love it. It's ok for a 30 year old woman to wear polka dots right?

So dodgy Tanya.  tsk tsk
It came together quickly, which I attest to having done it before. The zip is a bit dodgy, it wasn't feeding through my invisible zipper foot properly and I didn't go back to fix it. Shame I couldn't find (ie. was in too much of a rush to source) a black zip. The zip caused me a small amount of grief as well because when I put the pocket in on that side, I somehow got all the bits uneven so I had an uneven seam. I ploughed ahead in any case, promising to take extra care next time.

A 'design feature' of this pattern is the uneven pleats, which I don't mind even though others think it looks messy. I don't think you can tell really. Well, I did start to try to work out how to make them symmetrical (like Andrea), but the math hurt so I went with the pattern as is.

The only mod I made was using a button and a loop rather than a hook closure as called for, mainly because for some reason my waistband was a bit on the small side and I didn't get a lot of overlap :(  I also did the hem using this blind hem stitch technique and am quite pleased with the outcome. Oh, and I lengthened the skirt by like 2 inches because I am a prude.

At the end of the day, I've probably said a bit too much about what seems to be a fairly simple skirt! I like it and am hoping it gets lots of wear!  And check out them pockets!

Pattern: Simplicity 2215, view C, size 18.
Fabric: Quilting Cotton from Lincraft. Don't judge!
Notions: invisible zip, button, ribbon for button loop

Skills acquired:

  • stitching in the ditch!
  • my first waistband!
  • button closure with loop thing!
  • blind hem stitch!



  1. Pockets! Polka-dots! Prude hems! These are ALL my favourite things on skirts!! ^__^

  2. yay for prude hems! girls these days showing off their knees! scandalous!

  3. Tanya ... you making me want to break out my sewing machine!!!! You're killing me. I really love this ... all of it. Pockets, polka dots and prude hems!!! Booooyah!!!!

    1. do it! My poor machine was a xmas gift that sat unused for more than a year, now I use it 3-4 times a week :D