18 September 2013


I may not have blogged about crafting recently, but I assure you there is tonnes going on. Not a day goes by that I don't get some crafting in.

I'm trying to be project monogamous at the moment. Hanami is a wedding gift for a dear friend, and by George it will be complete on time! It has taken me a while to become confident with the pattern, but after 5 repeats of the basket weave chart, I'm feeling good. Not don't-need-a-pattern good but I-can-tell-if-I've-fucked-up good. And that's a thing.

I'm enjoying watching it grow, and now that I have worked on it conistently, it has grown quite quickly. I couldn't imagine it as a scarf before, but now it's about a quarter done I'm feeling optimistic and confident that this piece will be one of the most beautiful I've ever made. Can you tell I'm pleased with myself?


p.s. Before posting I looked up to see where the exclaimation "by George!" came from. Because I'm nerdy like that. You're welcome.

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  1. Looking good, Tanya! I love the subtle variations in the yarn you're using ^__^

  2. looks like a very intricate pattern. Sure it will be stunning when you have finished

  3. Really cool work and thanks for looking up "by George" because if you hadn't posted the link I would have looked it up too :-)