19 September 2013

365: 181-200

I think I'm finally up to date! And over half way! Whee!

Can you tell where most of my crafting energies have been these past 20 days?

181. Two more horses picked up for my matchbox carousel!
182. Skulduggery Pleasant. Book 8. Get ready for your insides to be torn usunder.
183. Postal voting is the best kind of voting.
184. Grafitti.
185. Another #noveltybroochfriday! Neigh!
186. Actual things Tony Abbot has said. Gross.
187. Fabric shopping!
188. My ripple will probably be finished in the year 2387
189. Sleeping kitty.
190. The first time stitching in the ditch. I was pretty excited I had to capture it in pictures.
191. My hanstan canister collection
192. Kitten inna box!
193. Epic rainbow over Melbourne. The best thing was there were about 20 people taking photos too. OMG never seen a rainbow before!
194. I love me some gothic looking chruches.
195. Hanami looking gorgeous.
196. Stephen West and I finally getting acquainted.
197. Lovely early train.
198. I will never be as awesome as Gertie. But I can try.
200. Sending out some postcards. Foreigners seem to love these tacky Aussies ones for some strange reason.



  1. Cat in a box, classic. But they are probably at their cutest while asleep! I'm glad you are doing some sewing, it strikes me as something you are good at and I can't wait to see what you make out of the fun stuff you've just bought!

  2. your 365 project is so inspiring! it would be embarrassing if i did something similar - people would think i don't do (/photograph) anything but cats and food! haha. I'm excited to see your stephen west shawl when it's done and of course all the pretty things you'll make using the fabrics in the second to last picture :)

    1. what's better than cats and food though!!! :D My fabric stash is getting more impressive by the day :D