04 September 2013

365: 161-180

Ye gads I'm behdind on my self-imposed photo-a-day challenge by about 7 days! unforgiveable! Just about half way though, that's exciting. I'm stil enjoying the challenge, even if I've been a bit forgetful of late.

Visit to Morris and Sons.
162. My sewing machine!!
163. Pretty flower. What is is? I want to say something starting with C...
164. EB4L
165. Have you tried this chocolate. It's freaking delicious.
166. Playing some old school Mario Bros 3
167. Sewing is hard.
168. Cute postcard promoting this breast cancer initiative. I would not have guessed it.
169. Colin Mocherie 4 lyfe.
170. Mutant strawberry.
171. Miette coming to lyfe.
172. Participating in novelty brooch friday!
173. Whoops, another yarn store. Bendigo Woollen Mills 4 lyfe.
174. On the way back from Bendigo, Vanilla slice from Woodend. Actually lyfechanging!!
175. The Kitten, oh and my Miette for a change...
176. Cutie mini fox canvas. Speaking of foxes, have you joined the Foxy KAL?
177. Enjoying my coffee while the lady cops take out the trash - in their divvy van!
178. Pretty umbrella intallation at Austrlia on Collins.
179. Novelty brooch friday again!
180. Flowering succulents. I didn't even know they were the flowering type!



  1. Lovely photos. I love that umbrella installation!

  2. I adore your monthly photos, it is always fun seeing what is happening in your life! I love succulents so much, so that's my favorite this time around.