11 October 2013

365: 201-220

201.  I may have a slight problem...
202.  J-Scribble!  Bought myself a set of John Green books and two are signed!  *swoon*
203.  Grey carpet was the most interesting thing I saw that day.
204.  The Kitten assisting me with the sewing.
205.  Kites made out of sewing patterns outside Morris & Sons
206.  Another problem... fabric ...
207.  Indulging at Brunettis.
208.  The Kitten refusing to make eye contact.
209.  Is that Psy on the tram??
210.  Flow Magazine recently interviewed me about Postcrossing, and sent me a copy of the mag with some of my photos in it!
211.  Dinos in the plaza.
212.  Craft time!  OooOOO Rhinestones!
213.  Me and the niecicles making some salt dough chrissy decos.
214.  A gaggle of blue motorcycles.
215.  Gog and Magog at Royal Arcade
216.  German puns :)
217.  Giant pot of tea, that's a serve for one person!!
218.  Gorgeous yarn bouquet gift.
219.  Turtle Power!
220.  My contribution to the Foxy KAL.



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