13 August 2013

365: 141-160

141. Oh my Gok at Target, everywhere. His face freaks me out whenever I walk in there.
142. Workin' on my Miette.
143. My windosill Cyclamen, still going strong.
144. Steve Buschemi, graffiti style (Hosier Lane)
145. More knitting
146. The Kitten!
147. A punny sign.
148. Can't go past a Bunnings sausage.
149. Belateed birthday pressie. Oz ftw!
150. A pic of me, by my sis, circa mid-90s.
151. Arty (lol) picture of my new blinding alarm clock. Money well spent, I am not using it.
152. The Kitten and knitting!
153. Blinded by the light...
154. The discovery of #noveltybroochfriday on instagram has inspired me to actually wear the multitude of brooches I own!
155. Fed Square.
156. Anti-gambling: "In the end, the machines will win". Sounds like Skynet to me.
157. A new tureen! Cauliflower the second!
158. Trying some sewing.
159. Metro map.
160. I love looking up at buildings. This is the Assmebly Hall at 156-160 Collins Street.


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  1. I love these monthly round-ups that you do! What a fun idea. Those sausages look so yum too and I'm loving that cute apple brooch.