28 May 2012

CBC - 27 May

The Crocher Biatch Club (or CBC) convened yesterday for a day of catching up with masterchef, baking, gassbagging, cuddling of furbabies, eating and of course, crochet.  It's funny how little crochet I find myself doing during CBC. 

This time, we met at Rhon's.   Rhon and I both needed to make something for morning tea at work, so we utilised CBC to do some baking.  Rhon made a delectable lemon slice with passionfruit icing, and I made this almond, chocolate and date torte.

As for crochet, Rhon was freestlyin' some fingerless gloves in a retina-burning hot pink cotton.  Ange was bordering some granny squares and I showed her how to join-as-you-go, and am proud to say that I had a very proficient student!  (I feel I need to mention here that those blue and green squares are most definitely not Ange's choice in colours.  She's making this particular afghan for her hubbie, and Ange thinks these colours are repulsive!  LOL.  I think they look great, and she has done a smashing job!).  Ange is also getting her ripple on.  For my part, I continued to work on my baby set.

There were lots of cuddles going on with both Aslan and Vervainn, who I introduced you to last time.   A good thing too, because it was flippin' freezing.  Thanks for keeping my feet warm Assie!!

Thanks for a lovely day gals, see you at my place next time!



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