16 May 2012

FO: Hitchhiker

I haven't blocked it.  I haven't woven (weaved?) in the ends.  But I'm counting this as an FO.

My Hitchhiker!  A bit of a poor excuse for one, with only 38 teeth, but I am still quite pleased.

Yes, marvel at my amazing photo editing skillz using Paint to seamlessly join two photomagraphs!
Pattern: Hitchhiker
Yarn: Schoppel wolle Zauberball
Needles:  3.25mm circulars

Obviously the best thing about this piece is the yarn.  (Oh just look at the amazing things you can make from this yarn.)  Although I think this pattern looks awesome in a plain colour too.  I would also really love to knit one with stripes.   It is a very good pattern, I had no difficulty in memorising it, and this is only the second thing I've knit. 

I'm a bit over garter stitch now though, so will be moving on to bigger and more challenging projects soon!
Vogue.  Strike a pose.  Even a blurry one.
Blocking will probably make it look nicer, but I'm time poor and also lazy right now.  I really like it against the grey.  It's going to add a great pop of colour to my predominately black Melbourne wardrobe.
la la la la.  also I must learn to take photos in better light.  whatevs.

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