25 May 2012

Caturday X

Welcome to another exciting edition of Caturday!  The day I unashamedly dedicate to the The Kitten and her shenanigans, and invite you to do the same with your kitty!   And today is a very special Caturday because it's Caturday the tenth!!! Wooo!! *confetti**streamers**trumpets*

Today, The Kitten hangs out in my clothes basket.  I've exhibited evidence o the effect that The Kitten likes my clean laundry, and here is another example. 

Ok, you can have a scratch.  Only because you're cute!!
Today's topic:  Other blogger's cats.

Katia from Etudes de K has kindly permitted me to feature her kitty, Saoune!

Saoune was born in the street, and was abandoned after being adopted by a young couple.  He was found frightened and shy in the city center by the association L'Ecole du Chat.  Saoune was adopted by Katia 1 April 2012, and Katia describes him as very kind and affectionate.

Katia is making a Felted Cat Basket, and by the looks of things, Saoune loves it even as a work in progress!!

So freaking cute!!
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