09 March 2012

FO! Gettin' knitty with it

Well well well... it has been a while.

Blog land has taken a back seat for me of late.  As have my little crafty crafts.  I've been lacking motivation a bit, which makes me sad.  Anyway, boohoo, lets move on!

I finally got around to weaving in the ends and blocking my Different Lines.  Mind you, I got the urge to do it on a 33c degree day!  Nice one Tanya, very clever. 

And how annoying is it to weave in ends on knitting?  I did a very poor job of it, hopefully it doesn't unravel.  Methinks I have to make learn russian joins. 

Unblocked measured 102cm (BO edge) x 42cm (short edge) x 127 cm (curvy edge)
Blocked it measures 124cm (BO edge) x 52cm (short edge) x 161cm (curvy edge)

L to R: on the blocker; arty close up shot, the shape after blocking.
I used 8ply, rather than the 4ply as called for in the pattern.  Next time I'd make this as per recommended.  It came out quite small, so I stretched it to within an inch of its life to get the measurements somewhere near those stated for the finished item in the pattern. 
It's certainly a weird shape, but I did a bit of experimenting and found a way to wear it that is comfortable and seems to sit ok.  The triangle sits at the front.

Still can't bring myself to show my face here.  Ugh.
And with the serious business out of the way, here is a gratutious picture of The Kitten.  In my house, about once a day you'll here me say 'Quick, she's being cute!  Where's the camera?'

Yes, I am gorgeous
Of course, linking to Tami's Amis.


  1. It looks fab :) I know what you mean about weaving in ends though, I hate that part!

  2. Love the colours and it looks great as you styled it.

  3. Hey, you're back! Yay! ^_^ Your scarf looks great, I love the colours!

  4. Oh I love this it! It looks great the way you are wearing it :D

  5. welcome back, i hope the motivation has kicked back in gear and the blahs are on their way! love your crafty ways and your kitty is just too cute!