26 March 2012

What time is it?

 Cake time!!

My sister and I (and the rest of the internet) love Adventure Time.  She had a birthday recently, so I made this awesome cake for her!

Inspired by this one, my cake was not perfect.  The buttercream icing was not white enough (you can see the different shades of yellow on the left v right of the cake as the icing got warmer) and the cake itself was a bit undercooked!  I felt very off my game!  But my sis was suitably impressed, and that was what I was going for.  So, do you think I got the likeness right?  

Here's a progress shot.  I made two muffins for his 'ears'.  Are you impressed?

And here are a bunch of other adventure time cakes courtesy of the internet!!
Row 1: 123
Row 2: 123
I'm linking up with Make Something Monday over at Sarahndipities because, why not!!


  1. Oh my gosh - this is so cool! I think it is a very good likeness, I knew who it was immediately ^_^

  2. You know the cake itself tasted like bad cake but the awesomeness of the Fin face made my day!!! It was one of the best cakes ever!! SLAMACOW

    Love from Jacks..

    Check out my blog! I just robo-copped it