24 March 2012

Caturday I

I am going to start celebrating Caturday here at My Grandmotherly Ways.  Any excuse to show off my little bundle of furry joy, The Kitten.  The plan is simple.. every Sat.. err.  CATurday, I will post a picture of The Kitten and/or other cat related internet garbage, because, as we all know...


The Kitten's stats:
DOB:  28 November 2009
Breed:  Burmese
Occupation:  Being cute

Oh hai.
Quite often, while I am busily squirrelling away at work, I will get a text from A with a photo along these lines:

And continuing with the feline theme, I recently acquired these and wanted to show them off :)

The French Cat by Rachael McKenna.  Amazingly gorgeous photos of kitties just doing their thang around France.  I showed this book to A, who immediately commented that 'it was nice, but The Kitten is cuter than all those cats'.  Indeed!
The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett.  A Pratchett book I haven't read!  I've never seen this in shops around me, so picked it up from book depository.

Cats vs Humans by Yasmin Surovec.  I only recently discovered Yasmin's super awesome blog , so if you haven't seen it check it out!

Not my picture.  Go here please.
Would you participate in Caturday with me?  I'm tempted to add a Mister Linky but I don't want to be presumptuous!  But I would love to see your furbabies!  Let me know if you want to jump on my Caturday bandwagon :)


  1. I heart Caturday and bow to the cuteness of The Kitten! I'll jump on your bandwagon - my delumptious Panda cat last made it on to the blog last month - http://allfingersandthumbs.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/things-to-love-on-friday-morning.html
    So I'll be sure to rectify that next Caturday :)

  2. Oh, yes! We need a Cat Linky!

    Renee :)

    1. and the motion is carried! A Mr Linky will be here for your pleasure next week :D