14 December 2011

WIP! Blue and green should never be seen..

I can't find the origin to that saying.  Apparently it might be 'red and green should never be seen' but I hadn't heard that one before!

So, my WIP I'm showing this week is a quickie little hat I am whipping up for a friend's son.  He's 18 months, so hopefully I get the sizing right.  I have no children to test it on so I am going by what this website says.

Action commuter shot.
The pattern is Cheri Hat.  Easy peasy, what you see here is the result of three train rides, so only an hour and a half of work.  I'm not cutting the yarn for each stripe, but just pulling it up from the last row.  It's on the underside so I'm sure it will be fine.  I'm using this bamboo/cotton yarn, which is ridiculously splitty but lovely and soft and perfect for a littlies head.

I haven't made many hats.  What's wrong with me?  They're so quick and easy!  I think I need to get a bit more hatty in the future!

I'm still progressing my with the CITY WATCH AUDIO BOOK CHALLENGE!  (Part 1 here, Part 2 here).  Now onto Book 3:  Feet of Clay.  I'm finding this a weaker story than the first two books.  Still enjoyable, but I'm not engaging as much as I usually do.  Though Carrot's loveable isn't he?  Very much looking forward to getting onto the second half of this challenge.. there are some good stories in there!!
The City Watch Audio Book Challenge.  Progress:  Book 3 - Feet of Clay. 
Quick quote from Feet of Clay:
'It's time to-'
'Prod buttock, sir?' said Carrot, hurriedly.
'Close,' said Vimes, taking a deep drag and blowing out a smoke ring, 'but no cigar.'


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  1. I like those two together. Such a fun hat.

  2. I think the Cheri hat looks much better in the lovely coloured stripes you're giving it than in the solid colours on the pattern page. :)

    Also, hooray for Discworld! I love Carrot, too. And Vimes. And Vetinari...