16 December 2011

FO! Pressies!

How good are pressies?  Pretty darn good!  Our family doesn't do presents anymore, just for the littlies, and A and I just tell each other what we want because we are that exciting.

But we had a secret santa at work and it was soooo much fun!  And it was so awesome to see all the pressies under the tree! 

I made my present for my recipient.  These are little ornaments for your tree, made with felt, embroider the name on, stuff and wa-lah!  Cute little stocking mice.  (I had to include a couple of pictures of The Kitten's shenanigans too!)

The Kitten loves bags.  Too bad that my craft stuff is in there. 
I also made my recipient's child this hat that I showed off as a wip on Wednesday.  Only 2 days worth of train trips, and I love the funky stripes.

(ignore that messy joining in the first row)
And because everybody's doing it, I thought I'd show off my christmas tree.  I will spare you the 'Oh Christmas Tree...' or 'Its beginning to look a lot like...' post title though!!

A and I don't usually bother with a tree, because it's just the two of us, but this year we made the effort, and it just puts me in a good mood, looking at the tree.  It's a cheap and nasty plastic one, with mostly cheap and nasty decos.  Our theme is silver and teal, but not everything is matchy matchy.  (There's my benny hill christmas pudding which I posted an awesome video of here.  Best christmas paraphernalia ever!)

If you do not have disco balls on your tree, your christmas is ruined!!
And a few more shenanigans from The Kitten:
Oh hai only looking.... *NOM*
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  1. Your tree looks great, mine was silver and teal last year and i always love that combination :)

    Love the hat you made, the stripes look great in those colours

  2. There is lots of lovely things here, I love those red stockings!

    Silver and teal is good colour combo, I have purple and gold on mine altough tempted to switch over to red and gold for next year :)

    Could you pop by my blog, there is something for you to read there :)

  3. Looks like kitty is eating your tree. Hat looks good. We don't exchange gifts anymore cept for the kiddos either.

  4. Cute ornaments! I'm going to have to try to struggle through without disco balls, though! LOL!

  5. Love that hat, but REALLY love the Christmas tree disco ball!