09 December 2011

FO! The whole tooth

ahahaha I'm so punny.

My FO's are so few and far between :(  Though I have many WIPs at the moment so they should emerge from the chrysalis of WIP-hood into the wonder of FO-ness soon.  I hope.

This one was a real quickie.  A friend recently had her wisdom teeth out, so I made this for her as a kind of welcome-back-to-work-hope-you-feel-better type gift.

Attempt 1.  I thought I'd be clever and fudge the pattern a bit.   I made it bigger and when it came time to divide for the root I ch 4 or so across so it wouldn't pinch it toghether.  That, together with the too big safety eyes and terrible embroidery, resulted in something I wouldnt be proud to give to anyone.

boooo hissss ugly tooth.  you have no place as a gift.
So, this one now belongs to The Kitten.
take that ugly toof!
Attempt 2.  I followed the pattern for the larger size this time.  I opted out of the safety eyes, and attempted to embroider some anime esq eyes.  I think it's a slightly better result, but eh!  It might have been cuter if I just made the itty bitty one.  Oh wells!

o hai!
My friend was happy, althought it is sitting on her desk UPSIDE DOWN and looks like a rabbit. Like this:

Mosey on down to Tami's Amis for, I'm sure, more impressive FOs than mine!!


  1. Aw, so cute (I quite like the reject one too!)

  2. Very cute and I like the reject one as well, hope your cat is enjoying it.

  3. I'm joining the I like the rejected one too! :)

  4. The one you gabe is cute but I also like the reject; it's cute too!

  5. hahah those are adorable! I love the picture of your kitty playing with it

  6. I think both of them are cute!
    And I totally understand the "chrysalis of WIP-hood"-- a lot of my projects are that way :) (I love the way you phrased that, it sounds so much nicer than 'the workbasket' or something)

  7. I think they're both cute, what a thoughtful gift :)

  8. I wish someone had made me one of these when I had my wisdom teeth out! Really cute (and I'm not usually a teeth-shaped-objects fan), and a awesome idea. I especially love that it doubles as a rabbit, LOL.

  9. To cute!!..if you made it slightly bigger and gave it a little pocket, that would make such an awesome tooth pillow for a child :) LOVE it xx