30 November 2011

WIP Wednesday


I haven't felt like blogging lately.  It's all a bit too hard sometimes, isn't it?

But there has been crochet, there has been knitting and there has been reading and listening to some very good books.  So now I can't put off sharing anymore!

I finally got around to putting some of my summer garden granny squares together.  And by putting together, I mean making some new squares to join up the completed squares using the 'join as you go' method.  I made a bunch of these squares in a flurry of excitement way back when I first taught myself to crochet A YEAR AGO.  Then I got bored and they went into hibernation. 

I'm fairly certain my tension has changed, can you see the wobbly edges of my first block in the bottom right there?  Oh well, hopefully in the scheme of the entire blanket it will all be ok.  Whatev!

What are granny squares for other than tormenting your cat?
I am also very near completion on my Different Lines.  I still have ends to weave in and it needs to be blocked, so it is still technically a WIP.  It's lovely and squishy, but it came out wayyyy smaller than it's supposed to be.  I used 8ply rather than 4ply, so that's probably part of my problem.  I thought using a heavier weight yarn and larger needles would give me a larger item though?  Hmm a lot to learn I have. 

Still, it's my first ever knit!  Very proud of myself indeed!  Here are some crappy evening pictures.

I finished Pratchett's latest book, Snuff, in what seemed the blink of an eye. It was AWESOME!  Here is a wonderful review, which puts my sentiments across more eloqunetly than I ever could! 

If you have frequented my Wednesday posts of late you will know I've had a bit of a love affair with the Skulduggery Pleasant books.  And they are lovely: good storeys, good characters.  But Mr Pratchett, oh I apologise for putting you out of my mind for so long!  Sure, Derek Landy is a decent writer, but Terry Pratchett blows him out of the water, he is a Master.  His books are so clever.  Awesomely snappy diaglogue, very witty and supremely loveable characters, and you pick up something different every time you read them.  It am amazed, if also saddened, that Pratchett can still deliver such material considering his battle with Alheimer's.

Snuff is a Vimes (or to use his full name and title... His Grace, His Excellency, The Duke of Ankh, Commaner Sir Samuel Vimes..Blackboard Monitor) / City Watch book, my favourite Discworld storyline, so I was more than pleased.   So pleased in fact, that I have decided to go back to the very beginning of the Watch and re-live all of it in lovely audio book glory.  I have set myself the CITY WATCH AUDIO BOOK CHALLENGE!  Which really just involves listening to all the City Watch books in order.  :D

Guards Guards is up first.  I've read this one at least 3 times, and now I get to listen to it.  It is read by Nigel Planer, who has even done one of the voices as Neil from the Young Ones!  Though, his Vimes sounds like he has a cold.  I love the start of Vimes' relationship with Lady Ramkin, and the introduction of Carrot, the banter between Colon and Nobby, the dragons, and the tongue in cheek jokes about what you are supposed to expect with royalty and kings.   Love this book, one of my all time faves. 

The City Watch Audio Book Challenge.  Progress:  Book 1 - Guards Guards
If you don't have any Pratchett in your life, ye gods what is wrong with you?  Remedy that immediately!!

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  1. Your crochet squares are so beautiful! Love the colours:)

  2. Very cute kitty and beautiful blanket.

  3. Beautiful Burmese you have tucked up under your crochet.

    Love Leanne

  4. Your shawl looks beautiful, can't believe it is your first knit!

  5. Fabulous rug - those squares sure do scream summer and it will be here tomorrow.
    Lovely shawl - the colours are perfect together, well done on completing your first knit project.

  6. Lovely colours for the crochet squares. And your knit shawl is looking rather good :)

  7. I love your grannies! So cheerful :)

  8. Your squares are looking lovely, and I do love that picture of your cat, what a great expression!

  9. Well done on your first knit and on putting your blanket together (it's worth it I promise!!)

    I think the Watch books are my favs from the Discworld too. Vimes is awesome, but it's Nobby and Colon who really make me laugh. I've not had chance to read Snuff yet, but it's on my list!!

    Kim x

  10. I LOVE Terry Pratchett! I discovered him while I was in school- and I used to sit there reading his books and laughing out loud :D I converted my whole family (with the exception of my Dad) to reading his books too :) In fact, I might join your odyssey of reading Terry's watch books :) I think your knitting project is looking great by the way :)

  11. I love that blanket. Such happy colors!

  12. Oh that is a beautiful blanket! Love the colors.

  13. I've been looking at "Different Lines" on Ravelry and love the look of yours. Very eye-catching! Your grannies looks so pretty in your color selections. Very nice work!


  14. Beautiful crochet work! Congratulations. And your different lines is coming along so well -- how amazing that this is your first knit. Yes, getting the right gauge so your FO comes out in the right size is always the challenge, right? Lessons learned for the future! Keep knitting!

  15. Love the grannies! It's nice to look at bright summery colors as we here in North America descend into darkness and grayness....