09 September 2011

FO! I'm a little teapot [cozy].

Well, not really.  I do not consider myself short, but am possibly a bit stout.

Teapot cozies!  So deliciously grandmotherly.  I think mine is swish-o!  I made it to spruce up the office a bit.

When I was feeling down one day, I googled 'how can I be happy' (seriously, I'm not joking).  I read something that said surround yourself with bright colours!  Even though I'm feeling much better generally, I don't think it could hurt to have a bit more colour around :)
'scuse my enormous pile of junk in the background.
Doesn't it just make you want to drink copious amounts of rainbow tea?

Ravelled here.

I think I could have made it a bit longer, my teapot's bum is showing.  Oh well, you shouldn't be looking at its bum in the first place. 

The pattern is by Alice from Crochet with Raymond.  She makes such lovely things.  I have already made one of her granny cowls, and I am nearly finished a  mandala to match my happy teapot.

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  1. This is absolutely adorable! I love it. Very happy-making. :)

  2. Love , love , love it , the colours are so perfect together !

  3. LOL excellent tea cosy :-) Also, a vase - even a small one - of fresh flowers can really lift the spirits :-)

  4. Rainbows are always cheery, and tea is a great way to cheer yourself up too

  5. Gorgeous! I also love Alice's things at Crochet with Raymond - she's fabby!

    Colour is SO important, definitely happy-making.

    Have a jolly day

  6. I love, love, LOVE your tea cosy. It's going to be gorgeous with the Mandala too :)

  7. Gorgeous, how could anybody fail to feel at least a little bit, and probably very, cheered by a snuggly, colourful cup of tea?

  8. Hi!

    You won my scarf giveaway - if you could send me an email at jorth at bigpond dot net dot au with your details then I can post it out.

    Thanks for entering!

    xo Leisl

  9. I would so love to have this, its so practical yet so awesome! I think I will follow your blog, as I wouldn't want to miss any inspirational and lovely ideas!