20 September 2011

Things? Hello! What kind of things? Interesting things? I love things. Ask anyone.

As per usual, I've seen some awesome things around the internet, and wanted to share.

Granny square biker jacket spotted by Crochet Concupiscence

Epic mosaic garden shed of epicness.

Doctor Who fabric!
I really want to try my hand at sewing again and make a cute skirt
de fil en aiguille (which means one thing leading to another) spotted these gorgeous crochet wire creations:
Purple flower earrings by Yoola
I've just learned the name Patricia Kristoffersen.  She has designed lovely doilies! (This blog is called my grandmotherly ways.... remember?) I haven't made a doily yet but I might just have to try one of these!
Hooked on Hobbies is making this far out doily

What a pretty blanket!

Sugar Skull embroidery pattern from Polka and Bloom

Jane and Michael from A Stash Addicts Ramblings are amazingly crafty!  They also have an etsy shop!
Pin cushion teacups!
Decoupaged table legs using fabric!
Tutorial for an epic patchwork crochet quilt from The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady.  I'd love to make one.. and in small steps it might be achievable... big projects do scare me though!  I have a granny square afghan in hibernation which is making me sooo guilty.......
[The title of my post, btw, is The Doctor, Season 6, episode 11 - 'The God Complex".  I can't believe there are only two episodes this season to go!]


  1. So many nice things! I particularly like the skirt and the sugar skull embroidery ^_^ The garden markers you linked in your comment on my blog look awesome! I have two massive packets of sculpey so I may have to try this as well. (Also probably plant more herbs!) And thanks for your advice on blocking ... I suspect my blanket will look better if all the squares are actually, well, square!

  2. I love the biker jacket the most, I think it looks awesome!! May even consider making myself one he he :)

  3. Wow, thank you for showing the little baby blanket :) it's wonderful to have it travel all the way to Australia (another of the places to visit on my wish-list but unfortunately less likely than the UK...)
    I love the idea of the biker's granny jacket and the teacup pincushion! And the blanket is gorgeous but I'm with you, large projects scare the heck out of me ;)