21 September 2011

WIP - wowza!


Current bead count:  546

Woooowwwww..  I've only added 2 inches to the size of my dahlia, but have almost doubled the amount of beads I'd added since last time.  It's slow going, but I actually find it quite therapeutic.  It's also portable, so that means this project continues to be public transport friendly.  It still looks the same as last time, so I've gone for a more arty shot.
ooo la la

I'm technically listening to this... love audio books, I hate sacrificing my precious crochet time during my morning commute, so having some old guy read to me has been very useful.  It does get a bit, shall we say awkward when it gets a bit... sexy.  Listening to some elderly gentlemen describe these scenes... It's a bit creepy.  
Overshadowed by the awesomeness of audiobooks is the fact that these books... man, they are a marathon.  A good friend of mine aptly described the reading experience as needing to take a xanex every time you picked it up.  *Spoilers so look away if you don't want to know* Can any more bad shit happen?  Seriously, Rob and Catlyn?  *sob* Dany banishing Mormont?  booo!  Tyrion about to get his head chopped off?  Aye carumba!  And it just goes on and on and on and on... and it moves so slowly.  

However, once I start something I stick with it, so I'll keep going.  But after this installment I am going to treat myself with something much more fun!  Any suggestions?

Also, just because I wanted to show of, and it IS a book after all.... LOOK WHAT I MANAGED TO PICK UP!  Soo exciting!  Me and my sisters would just spend hours looking at this and trying to decide what cake to ask mum for on our birthday.   Between the three of us girls, my made us the bunny, minnie and mickey mouse, the pig... I'm sure there were others!  It would be lovely to hear about your memories relating to this book.

Women's weekly have omitted 4 of the cakes though, which include mickey and minnie, for copyright purposes... for the life of me I can't work out which were the other two.  I think my mum's original version of this has long since disintegrated!

Check out Tami's Amis for more WIPs and Small Things for this week's yarn along. 


  1. Your shawl is coming along beautifully! The beads are so pretty.

  2. Love your arty shot :)

    That birthday cake book looks awesome!

  3. I am new to your site - and loving it ;) Can't wait to see more!

    P.S. - love the beading!!

  4. I would be totally weirded out with some old guy reading sexy scenes to me.

    Love the artsy shot.

  5. Fabulous work on the shawl and the beading!!!!

    Ditto the old guy reading sexytimes scenes to me as well. LOLOL!!!

  6. Beautiful combination of beads and yarn! I'm so scared to knit with them, but they always look so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. love the color of the yarn and the beads.. waiting to see the finished shawl.. and I've never read audio-books and now, I don't want to read one. ;-)

  8. I'm with you on the audio books for good use of crochet time - though I haven't listened to any read by old men yet.
    Cool crochet project - the beads really do make it sparkle.
    Enjoy the daily commute with this company.

  9. I'm almost temptd to get that audio book, ha ha... your crochet looks just gorgeous, I'm making a shawl too!! I too remember going through cake books, and now my children do!!

  10. Lovely shot of your crochet and LOL at your description of the audiobook readking.