03 November 2013

FO: Hanami Stole

Here's my finished Hanami Stole!  Very happy with it, silk just has the most beautiful drape.

This took me way too long, as is my habit with large projects I procrastinated and worried about how long it was going to take me rather than getting on with the job.  Once I started working on it every day it did work up quickly.  Even with having to refer to the pattern line by line, no memorising this one, definitely my most complicated lace knit to date!

 This was a definite skill-upper for me, at the beginning I was writing out the pattern line by line as I found the chart too difficult to keep track of, but by the end of it I was able to follow the pattern and read the chart. as I went

Photo-shoot at the local man-made lake!
 This was a wedding gift for a dear friend.  I intended to make a scarf for the groom as well, and indeed started on it, but ran out of time - oops!

Ducks could not give a crap about my shawl.  How rude!
Luckily, this is not my colour, otherwise it would have been very difficult to wrap it up and give it away!  No word on my friend's thoughts are at this point (ok, the wedding was only on Saturday so I'm sure she has other things to do...).  I'm sure she will love it but I am insecure and am in desperate need of some feedback!  

This is how I would wear it.  Hint hint nusm!! 
All in all, happy to have this done and looking forward to making some more knitted wedding gifts!  Have already promised 2 scarfs for a late December wedding... stay tuned!

Pattern:  Hanami Stole.  Most of it is charted, and it has very detailed instructions for a beaded cast on (which I didn't do because I thought like 30 beads in the scheme of things would not make much difference).  Also has instructions to make
Yarn:  Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk in Moondust purchased from Eat Sleep Knit.
Needles:  I started with 4.5mm, but it was far too loose for the lacey design and went down to 3.25mm.  Really want to work on something chunky now!!
Raveled here.


p.s.  I also commissioned Anna Rettberg to draw a portrait of the couple (and their cat!) as an additional gift.  I think this is the coolest gift ever!

p.p.s.  At said wedding they gave out PENGUIN BOOKS as their bomboniere.  If that's not the tightest shit you've ever seen then you can just get out.  I chose The Shiralee - I've seen the miniseries and did not even know it was a book!  Adam chose The Power of One.


  1. It looks great, Tanya! I bet your friend loves it! Also, a portrait is such a cool gift idea! I love Anna Rettburg's work; especially her "life ruining British actors" print ^__^ Also, also, books as bomboniere??? Inspired!

    1. I'm on a bit of a custom-portrait-commissioning binge myself! I haven't got one of me from Anna yet, though I will be.

  2. It looks great! What a great gift! I'm sure your friend will love it. I'm working on this pattern right now. I don't have a deadline on it, it's just been in my queue for ages. I wasn't really paying attention about the bead thing, so I bought a whole little jar of beads instead of just the 45 or so called for in the directions. In the basketweave section, I put on a bead anywhere there was a double decrease. I'll be adding beads for the blossom section, just so one side isn't heavier than the other.

    1. Great idea adding the beads throughout. As this was a gift I just made it pretty much as written, as it was chosen by the recipient and I didn't want to take too many liberties.