05 November 2013

365: 221-240

221.  Making a Gertie skirt.
222.  Bought myself a piece of bismuth, just because.
223.  Planted some new succulents.
224.  Re-reading TFIOS.  Just because.  Spoiler alert, it's still really sad.
225.  Birthday cake made for my godchild/niece.
226.  The Kitten keeping my company while I sew.
227.  Makin' my Meringue skirt.
228.  Stuck in traffic.
229.  Eggs and bakey.
230.  Ask for train postcards and ye shall receive.
231.  Nearing the finish of Hanami.
232.  Matchbox carousel appreciation.
233.  Another new sewing project.  As yet unfinished.
234.  Blockinggggg.
235.  Sweet dogtag with my org's values.  Teamwork yeah!
236.  Bright bright sun.
237.  The Kitten posing gratefully in my lap (that's my leopard skin snuggie you see in a lot of my pics!)
238.  KING KONG!  He's very very big and he's very very strong!
239.  Purty horses.
240.  Purty yarn delivery!


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