11 November 2013

FO: Honey the second

This pattern is really awesome.  But with over 13,000 projects that goes without saying.  I made one of these for my sister last year and while simple, it's super wearable.

The lovely Rhonda gave me this great yarn for my birthday.  It has some very subtle long colour changes in it, and I instantly wanted to use it in something that would show off the yarn.

I used about half of the mega 200g skein for this cowl, and it has already seen much wear.  In hindsight I wish I made it a touch wider, but I'm always in a rush to cast off and show off!

Pattern:  Honey Cowl duuuurrrrr
Yarn:  Patons Australia Rainbow in a blue/purple mix.
Needles:  4.5mm circulars.
Ravelled here.



  1. Lovely cowl. The yarn is gorgeous x

  2. It looks so pretty! Gotta love a cowl! ^__^

  3. Ooh, I love the color! Nice choice! And as for the width, it looks perfect. It seems just right for wearing a single loop, but not too bulky doubled. Very pretty!