16 June 2013

365: 81-100

I think the wheels have fallen off my 365 project at the moment.  I'm trying to keep up but many days I really do just forget to keep my eye out for something interesting to capture.

So some days I've had to catch up by snapping 2 or 3 photos instead of one.  That's ok though, it's my project, and my rules let me cheat if I need to!

I really wish I had something more poignant than knitting for photo #100, but oh well!! Knitting is pretty rad :D

81.  My office plant.  A peace lily that hasn't flowered yet.
82.  You can't really tell, but the moon was out early and was quite large....That's my street in case you are interested!
83.  Loot from fabric shopping!
84.  Casting on. 
85.  Safety zone at the train station.
86.  My shoddy job of winding some beautiful yarn.
87.  Parliament station (Apparently you aren't allowed to take photos.. so this one is a bit illegal)
88.  Burke and Wills.  Did you also learn about them in school?
89.  Ebay purchase, love collecting things I used to own.
90.  Doughnuts *drool*
91.  New jammies.  Love the spots.
92.  We moved a shelf into the living room and The Kitten has claimed the top shelf as her new perch.
93.  Cool installation at Federation Square:  The Helix Tree.  It changes colour as people sing to it.
94.  The last of the leaves falling in the city.
95.  Craft market loot.
96.  OMG my new favourite game.  It's super scary, don't know what people around who could hear me screaming thought!  Dropped $20 bucks into this on the day of this photo.
97.  Another attempt at sewing (epic fail btw)
98.  Fishy in the tank at our local fish and chip shop.
99.  Best doughnuts everrrrrr!  *double drool*  The jam is dispensed via dolphin!
100.  More casting on. 


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  1. I like seeing your photos everyday - and I love the streusel knitting! ^_^

  2. Thanks for linking with me :) I love your photos!

    1. thanks for hosting, i broke the rules a bit i think :D

  3. I'm so glad that you are keeping up (i know it can be a challenge, it is for me anyway). I always enjoy seeing what kinds of knitting projects you have going on, because you are more of a post after it's finished kind of person. For some reason I cannot get my peace lily to flower, maybe it is because kitty likes to knock it over?

    1. I'm just so forgetful sometimes! I finally figured out how to take pictures on my phone in low light, so at least my home ones may look *slightly* better!

      Kitty interference may be preventing your lily from flowering!