29 October 2014

FO: pretty pleats

If you're looking for a sewing confidence boost, might I suggest making an item without a pattern?  It's very empowering and you really feel like you are levelling up as a seamstress, even if you are only sewing a few rough rectangles together.

This one is slightly more involved only because there's a centre back seam, which I actually prefer because the zip sits nice and neat and out of the way.

I used Leanne Barlow's fantastic gilded skirt tutorial for this one.  Not a lot to say really, it came together spectacularly simply.  The fabric makes it I think, I get a shit tonne of compliments every time I wear this piece :)

Many thanks to Lydia for becoming my photographer! Our very appropriate location was the Conservatory in the Fitzroy Gardens.

Pattern:  Gilded Skirt tutorial.  I can see this being extremely versatile, and do intend on making a few more in a variety of fabrics.  I especially like the tapered waistband for a better fit.  This will be my go-to waist band now.  Those typical DIY skirts with the square waistband never seem to fit as well.
Fabric:  Printed cotton sateen from Spotlight.
Notions:  invisible zip closure, 12" I think.


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  1. Lovely! I must give that tutorial a go; it looks like a simple change but the tapered waist band really does look great!