01 October 2014

FO: Kwik Sew 3521 - house edition

This dress turned out totally bitchin'.  I feel totally bitchin' wearing it too.

 Fabulous basic pattern that I will be making umpteen times more.  This style is super classic and flattering (at least for me).  I love love love the fabric, it just worked right?  I can't even remember what it is or whether it is entirely appropriate for a dress, it came on a roll at spotlight, cotton, on that table with all the Lisette fabrics.  I'm fairly sure it's just a cotton, it has a fair bit of weight to it.

I'd been stressing so so much about making a dress.  Fitting is HARD!  But somehow this came together, it looks and feels like it fits right and there's still enough ease to make it comfortable.  I know there's probably some scientific way to ensure a good fit but I literally just cut the straight M (which was a size smaller than recommended) and upon it feeling too baggy, took an extra half an inch out at each side.

And look - I even matched the pattern at the front!  I feel like a frickin' wizard!  Fabrico Matcho! 

Less successful at the back.  I managed to match the lamp post but must have had a brain fart when cutting out the left side.  Whaaat?  I don't mind at all, I don't think it's fatal.  I still have some work to do in getting my invisible zip skills up there, but I think this one does the job.  I omitted the hook and eye, they always seem so fiddly and I have never used them, even on my rtw dresses.  Do you use them?  Do they have a point?  Do you even care?

Pattern:  Kwik Sew 3521.  As we all know, commercial patterns are BIG.  I cut a size smaller than recommended according to my actual measurements and even then it was a bit on the big side (hence the extra alterations).  The arm scythes are a smidge tight, I've taken out half a cm in my next one which should remedy this.


  • I cut a straight size M and after inserting the zip discovered it was still quite baggy.  I took half an inch off each side of the bodice and it fits like a dream.  
  • Instead of a gathered skirt I made box pleats in the front and back that lined up with the bust darts, which I think are much classier.
  • Fully lined!  Is there anything more luxurious than a fully lined dress?  
  • Length is somewhere between the A and B views.  Couldn't possibly show those knees could I!! 

Fabric:  Some cotton poplin from spotlight.  You know when you see a fabric like a thousand times on visiting the store and can just picture wearing it?  I saw this again and again and finally just fucking bought it.  No regrets bitches! It came in a pink background too - the one I chose has more of a neutral sort of beige background.  I'm girly but I'm not that girly!  And just some plain white cotton lawn for the lining which is super comfortable and light and gorgeous and I love it.

Notions:  22" invisible zip.

Of course I chose the windiest day in history for the photos.  Thanks to my little sis for being my photographer.


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  1. I love it, well done. You look smashing.

  2. Love the dress Tanya , you look great and what a great job sewing the dress ... Just fabulous !
    Ps: I do loooove the fabric.

  3. You look fantastic Tanya! ^___^ I never bother with hook and eyes either; it's fiddly to get them done up with a high neckline and good quality zips don't often seem to need them anyway. The fabric is great too - I so often end up purchasing quilting fabrics for clothes making because they have better patterns ~___^ I figure if it's a cotton, it's probably just fine for a dress! ^___^