07 April 2014

FO: Winifred

So I participated in my first sew-a-long and met the deadline and everything! 

So a local (to me) designer, Bluegingerdoll patterns hosted a sew-a-long with the Winifred dress.  I'd seen it on my facebook feed a few times, so I thought it a good opportunity to give it a go.  It looked like a great simple pattern, very versatile and quick to put together. 

I cut a size 16, my bust size being 1cm smaller than that size.  As per the designers suggestion, I cut a straight 16 rather than go down to my waist measurement, on the basis that the elastic would cinch in any extra ease.

To complicate things I decided to colour block it.  I cut straight across the front and back pieces at the marker indicated for the top of the bias for the elastic and the corresponding marker on the front.  Other than that I didn't make any other alterations, even though that's kinda the point of a sew-a-long I thought I might make a wearable muslin, because I really hate all the effort that goes into calico only to do nothing with it.  

I'll start with the finished item.  Not bad eh?

I couldn't find a buckle for the belt, so I picked up some D-rings.  I might change this if I find something I like better.

The collar gave me hell. I really could not work out how to ease that sucker into the back neckline.  I ended up kinda gathering the back, on the basis that the collar would cover it anyway. I thought the gathering would also mirror the elastic gathering (the things we tell ourselves).  I think it worked out, though it's definitely not correct.  Hmm. 

A post-script on the collar, the pattern is a bit inconsistent about how many pieces you need to cut, so watch that.  The patterns tells you to cut 2 x main fabric and 2 x facing.  The instructions do not mention the facing.  In hindsight maybe it meant interfacing?  The collar would definitely benefit from some interfacing.  Anyway, I haven't gotten to the bottom of that.

Now unfortunately, it's quite tight!  I'm not sure if you can tell, but I could barely get this sucker on.  I'm disappointed, but maybe I'll come back to it in a couple of months after getting back on the fitness bandwagon ;)  I'm also wondering if going up a size would help or if I need a fba.  I don't think I have a full bust?  Hmm.

Like my headband? I grabbed one of the couch ties so I could have something red.  Just missing the red lippy eh?

Despite the difficulties I had with the collar, and the fact that I'm a bit too chubs for this dress, I really like it!  It's a beautiful pattern, fairly clear (sorry collar!) and has a great shape to it.  It's a hella versatile and flattering shape, and I definitely see myself sewing a couple more of these up in various fabrics.  I'm thinking a collarless version next! 

And that is that!

Pattern:  Winifred dress
Fabric:  Plain and printed poplin.
Notions:  2cm wide elastic, d-ring.



  1. What a cute dress! Too bad it is too tight... but well done for sewing it!

  2. It is such a cute dress! I have never been able to make something from a pattern that fitted perfectly on the first go, so I wouldn't be discouraged; if you hadn't mentioned that it was tight I wouldn't have even known! ^___^

  3. I'm with Lisa, if you didn't say it was tight, I would never know. You're really doing well with sewing ... really.