30 March 2014


I have a new hobby!  Commissioning artists to draw a family portrait of my partner, The Kitten and I.

This was spurned by the first one, that my sister commissioned for my on my birthday last year.  Commission info here - $5!!

This next one is by Pea (commission info here) and for someone who claims she'd never drawn portraits from photos before, I think this came out super cute! 

This next one is by Blythe (commission info here).  I'd never had a caricature done before, I think it turned out really rad! 

I got this one back this week.  It's by Rachel (commission info here) and I really love the cartoony style and our big grins! 

I still have a couple in the pipeline, and am always on the lookout for more.  I'm going to make a whole gallery of them :)

Which do you like best?



  1. Oh, these are all so cool! I really, really love your first Adventure Time-y one and I totally love the idea of having a whole gallery of family illustrations! ^___^

  2. I love them all. If I had to pick one, I'd pick number three because it looks so much like you. Love the idea of a gallery.