08 April 2014

WIP: Babies

I kinda want one of these tshirts.  Do you think my expectant friends would be offended?

Kate Beaton is da bomb. 
But seriously, good for them!  I could think of nothing worse, the whole experience sounds super gross.  But people still enjoy their babies, so I wish them well!  And I like making baby things, so there's that. 

Here we go, babeh caridgans.

In red we have Easy Baby Caridgan for a lilttle girl.  I'm thinking red riding hood?  Ugh so cute. 

In pink we have Hatchling Cardigan for another little girl (duh).  It's cotton but I'm afraid the needles might be a bit big?  My stockinette is kinda crappy.  Damn you purl! 

I'm so clever, starting things before finishing other things.  


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1 comment:

  1. They both look really cute! You must be a very fast knitter, I think even a tiny baby cardigan would take me a year to make! ^___^
    I like babies but I do not like people asking me when *I* will make babies. I like to create many things, but tiny humans is not one of them! ~___^