16 March 2014

365: 341-365

Well, that's it!  Done and dusted!

I really did enjoy my 365 project.  If nothing else it forced me to think creatively.  A lot of days I would challenge myself to take a photo of something or in a way I hadn't done before.  A lot of days I also got lazy and took photos of my cat or knitting!  A large portion of my photos were also taken on or around public transport - it turns out to be the main place I generally have a moment to spare for a picture.  Also I like trains.

341.  View from the commute home.
342.  Train cops.
343.  The morning sky looking glorious.
344.  The Kitten in her whovian state.
345.  Fabric fabric fabric.
346.  Stitching in the ditch, one of my sewing tricks.
347.  Completed skirt!  Pleats are the best.
348.  Precious Hugs, a childhood toy that I can't part with (even though she looks a bit creepy now).
349.  Heart candy for V day!
350.  Giant sheep head at the National Wool Museum.
351.  Organising the Hanstan collection.
352.  Some of the bollards in Geelong.
353.  Patterns patterns patterns.
354.  A new tureen!  A gift from Lisa and a most prized addition to the collection.
355.  Another commute view.
356.  New project new project new project. (channelling Grace Helbig - You've been prazed!)
357.  Baby chart spotted while thrifting.
358.  Donut break during sewing day.
359.  Taking a stroll through Chinatown.
360.  The Melb Greater Union is closed!  Wah!
361.  Rad graffiti.
362.  The Victorian State Library.
363.  Cute postcard.
364.  Awesome newly acquired teapots.

And 365?  I thought a selfie might be appropriate!

I haven't started another 365 project, though I think I will in the not too distant future.  At times it was challenging but I really like looking back at my year in photos.  I'll have a little break first though!


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  1. Congratulations on finishing! You've taken some fab photos, and I totally admire your commitment! ^___^ Also, I really want that anatomical chart ... ~___^