04 February 2014

Venus: kitty edition

My crafting style:  Get really excited about a project and start it with passion, hit a snag or make a mistake and put said project in hibernation for a bunch of time.  Remember said project after an extended period and then work on it monogamously like a bat out of hell until it's finished.

Venus is a fine example of that.  I started it just over a year ago and cast of over the weekend!  (Is it still casting off in crochet?  It sounds funny to me).

I tried taking some 'before' photos, but I kid you not, after like 30 seconds of setting it up this happened.

Who can blame her?  The pure silk laceweight must be irresistible!  Oh to be a pampered cat.  Blocked photos coming soon.  And t


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  1. It's got the kitty tick of approval! And that's the main thing, right? ~___^ It is very pretty though and I really love the colour of the yarn ^___^

  2. Those photos are just too adorable for words! Kitty!!!! :) :) :)

  3. A pretty shawl for a pretty cat, they go together!

  4. Look at the shawl... no, look at the kitty (repeat a bunch of times). So adorable. Both shawl and kitty :)