08 February 2014

365: 321 - 340

Woo the final stretch!!

321.  The Kitten on her (my) crochet mandala.
322.  Icehouse the fighting fish!
323.  Everything is so yellow down my way.  I have a bit of a habit of taking photos out the car window.
324.  Crochet at City Square.  (The site for my circle skirt photo shoot!)
325.  Spotted this fab space fabric at Lincraft.  (I went back and bought it during the sale ;))
326.  Lunch at the Coles fountain.
327.  You can't tell, but here's The Kitten very exhausted after a play session.
328.  Postcrossing!
329.  What gives men the right to govern our lives?!?!?!?
330.  Treats from Balha's Pastry.
331.  Working on my circle skirt.
332.  Spotted in Brunswick, Australia Day weekend!
333.  There is good and there is bad, what you choose is really up to you, but what you choose defines your reality.
334.  Steak and veg.
335.  Love my groovy pants.
336.  Kitty toes!!
337.  Something old.
338.  Something new.
339.  Arches at GPO Melbourne.
340.  A monkey!  At the zoo, where I feebly attempted to do the first run of the Brooks Sunset Series.



  1. You haven't got many to go now! Gosh, I really do love that space fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with it ^___^