25 May 2011

Race to make a wedding shawl part 1: the supplies

Am I mad?  I've offered to make my friend a shawl for her wedding. 

She is getting married on 12 June 2011.  That's currently 17 days to get this sucker completed.  Less really, because I need to get it to her before then!

What's more, it's a lace-weight shawl.  In silk. I've not worked with 2ply OR silk before. 

Nevermind, I'M 100% SURE I CAN DO IT!!

My friend has chosen the dahlia shawl, which is super pretty and feminine, with a gorgeous edging. I think I even have enough yarn to make one for myself!!

Picture from Interweave Crochet here.

Received the lovely lovely yarn yesterday.  My first ever etsy purchase!  Thank you ms gusset! 

I spent two and a half hours last night winding one of these skeins into a ball.  Ok, I don't have a ball winder, or a swift :(

I found this tutorial about how to make your own swift with household items, Macgyver style (thanks webecca!  Here is my effort:

Please ignore the fugly rug.
At least I had company, The Kitten watched me the whole time.

And the result below.  Even with the home made swift it was hard work!  I wasn't paying attention at one stage and made a huge mess.  I even cut a knot out once because it was the only way to keep my sanity.
1km of silk. 
 Tonight I actually start making the shawl!  Onward and upward!


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