27 June 2011

FO! Wedding Shawl...

Part 4 and final part!

I finished this baby the Tuesday before the Sunday wedding.  I gave it to the bride-to-be on the Thursday, and I was super relieved that she was happy. 

Ravelled here, but final stats are:

Weighs just over 100g. Around 1000m I believe. Ms Gusset is obviously very generous with her yarns, as I still have a bit left over from one skein!

Highly scientific and accurate weighing mechanism.
Unblocked: 55” along the top, 25” deep.
Blocked: 65” top and 34” deep.

The pattern said to block it to 70", but I couldn't get mine to stretch that far.  In any case, 5" is not very much.

I already posted (a rather crappy) picture of it unblocked, so here it is blocking/blocked:
Edging detail.  I estimate I used about 100 pins to block this sucker!
The Kitten always gets in  my crochet shots!

And the best pictures of them all!  I think the shawl, and of course my friend, looked stunning.  These photos looks like they were from a magazine!

In conclusion, I am really happy with the result, and was very relieved that my friend loved it so much.  We both agree it was perfect.

I'm so jealous, now I really want one!!

More photos on my Flickr!


  1. Wow - what a beautiful shawl and the bride looks gorgeous wearing it.

  2. simply stunning, i want one toooooooooo

  3. It came out beautiful. The bride is so lovely.

  4. I love this work of yours! The colour is beautiful:-) very nice work!