24 June 2011

My queue of yarny crochet goodness.

So many patterns, so much yarn, so little time.

I'd rather be crocheting.  All. The. Time.

I'm pretty sure my yarn stash is quite modest compared to some.  Even so, there is SO MUCH OF IT.  The thought that I have to do things with it stresses me out, as does the fact that I have no time to do those things, and those things take lots of time!! 

Yes, my life is so hard, and these are my problems.

In an effort to alleviate my stresses, I thought I would make a list of the things.  Here are some of the lovely things I want to make...

Tea wrap by Lion Brand.   Its not a pointy triangle shawl, as so many are, but a crescent shape, which I haven't done yet.  Lion brand's picture is pretty ugleh, but some of the projects of this are stunning.  Looks nice  8 ply...
....so I might use this 8 ply merino/alpaca/silk yarn  I picked up in the BWM bargain room.

A couple of cardis:
The Stepping Stones Cardigan (not sure if it will look as good on me because I am not so skinny..)...
...both in some black 8 ply cotton, again from BWM.

For my mum, this fetching Aran Toggle Wrap by Coats & Clark / Red Heart...
...in some Shetland, again BWM.

The lovely, lacey Elise Shawl...
.... in some luscious Handmaiden Fine Yarn Silken I managed to score from the Australian Knitters Oz Destash Thread on Rav.

South Bay Shawlette, which I think looks quite nice in 2 ply, so...
...I will use some of my remaining Ms Gusset silk of wedding shawl fame!

And maybe... Simple Scallops...
...in some random 5 ply, from the BWM bargain room.

Not sure if I feel more or less stressed now.  I definitely feel excited to start all these projects, but when dammit?? WHEN!!!

Also, this list doesnt take into account the granny blanket I need to make out of this...

(I know this post is cheating a bit.. where is my own work/creations?  Just because I say I'm gonna do something.. how is that special!?! 

I have some FOs I haven't had time to photograph though, so that is my job for the weekend so I can have a lovely showy offy post next time!)

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  1. omg tan! all your colourful yarn! i'm sooo jealous!