31 May 2011

Race to make a wedding shawl part 2: some progress

My counter is deceptive. It tells me I have more time than I actually have.  Obviously I need to get it to the bride before the actual day, and with enough time in case she absolutely hates it and needs to find an alterntaive.  I really hope she doesn't hate it.

So, I've made some progress.  Getting the hang of the lace weight yarn - it's just so insubstantial in your hands, nothing at all to hold on to!

The first task is making the body, then I move on to the complicated edging.  The body needs to be 20-21 inches deep.

Saturday morning, after one night's work.

Sunday - measuring about 10 inches.

I'm loving the way the yarn is working up.  The slight variation in the yarn is gorgeous.

Monday, I forgot to measure.

And today, last night measuring just over 12 inches, and not counting this morning's work on the train.   Hook included for scale.
I'm still a bit stressed, I've been working SO much I haven't had as much time to progress this as much as I would have wanted.  I figure if I can get the body done by friday, I have the weekend for the edging - it's 7 rows wide!  And the rows will be LONG by that stage.

On a different note, I've been super tired and quite stressed these last few weeks.  Yesterday was a shocker, I hardly had time to think, I don't even know how I was functioning.  But I got two lovely surprises when I needed it most.  One lovely person bought me a donut (I freaking love donuts), and another bought me a pineapple freddo Hahaha freddo has a wiki page!!.  Just when I needed it, a little ray of sunshine.  I have such lovely friends <3

Who freaking knew they made pineapple Freddos?  GENIUS!

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  1. it's beautiful!!!!! keep going! you can make it! :D
    and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous!