09 May 2011

My sunday

Obviously yesterday was mothers day.

I won't go into details, but I didn think this was a good opportunity to share a couple of my favorite recipes which I made for lunch yesterday.

A while back Meet me at Mikes blogged a few baked risotto recipes . I've made No 2 - the Tomato and Parmesan Risotto a couple of times now. I make a few variations to the recipe:

1. add a couple of rashers of bacon at the same time as the onion.
2. omit capers and lemon zest (only because I didn't have these ingredients handy - it still turns out scrumptious)
3. double the recipe - Still turns out fab and makes enough to serve 5 people!
4. I use that fresh chilli you get from the fridge section of the supermarket rather than flakes - and then only the mild version.

This all fits in my 20cm cast iron crock pot - right to the brim but it doesn't expand so don't worry!

Doesn't look attractive but one of my favorite recipies now! Very tasty and VERY simple.
I've made this recipe for doughnuts (specifically, beignets) countless times now, and they always go down well. They melt in your mouth. I halve the recipe and that easily makes enough for 6+ people (6 people who eat a bunch of doughnuts each too!!).

Yesterday I even cut out different shapes - hearts and little men, and all turned out delicious. They didn't last very long but well worth the effort.

Also spent some time yesterday teaching mum and sis to crochet granny squares. There is mum's first granny square - go mum!

My sis thoroughly enjoyed both the doughnuts and the granny squares - actually I lie about the granny squares, she found them far too frustrating to make :( - but she wore hers around her neck :).

My kitchen table yesterday, crochet, doughnuts, coffee, what more could you want!! That black/grey item there is my Monroe that I managed to finish off, now for blocking and then I'll be ready to show it off properly :)


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