10 July 2011

FO! Granny pride

When Alice from Crochet with Raymond uploaded this pattern for a granny cowl, she entitled her post 'Do you dare to wear a granny square?'.

Her cowl was so lovely so I thought, yes, yes I would so dare. 

The hilarious thing is, I wanted to make mine really close to the colours Alice used.  Obviously my memory is not so good, looking at the colours I came home from Spotlight with! 

Despite the randomness of the colours, I think it works. 

Unblocked it was 142x19cm.  Blocked to 168x20cm.   6mm hook.  Blocking worked so much better than my last cowl project, pure wool certainly likes to be blocked much more than a blend.

Mine is 8 granny squares, and for the border I did a row of dcs (with half trs in the corners of the grannies, as recommended by Alice) and then I did a kinda shell row comprising:  *dc, sk 1 st, 3 tr, sk 1 st* repeat around.

Despite all the *bleeping* ends I had to weave in, I made this baby in 4 days! 

Ravelled here.

Wearing it in different ways...

wrapped thrice around the neck!  A bit neck-bracey but still works.
the hold loop through like you would any old scarf.

And my favourite, just twice around :)
Didn't think this project warranted a million billion pictures, but I still uploaded a bunch to my flickr :)

Yes, I am one of those people who tortures my pet by dressing her up and doing silly things to her.  I'm sure she secretly loves it.