21 April 2011

Adventures with yeast

I've been living life true to the name of this blog and have been very 'grandmotherly' lately. 

On Monday at work when I told people what I've been up to over the weekend, I was pleased to report that I'd done lots of baking and met up with my crochet group for some crafty time!

On Saturday I baked some Jam Scrolls using this recipe. They were fine, but for the amount of effort I put in I expected more out of them.  I think subbing the jam for a dried fruit mix and some brown sugar, and icing them with some coffee icing would improve them greatly. 

The dough after it had risen.

Adding the jam.  I used a combo of strawberry and raspberry.

Rolling up the dough.

Before baking.

Fresh from the oven.
On Sunday I made these hot cross buns.  Instead of using the exact measurements of fruit, I just subbed in the equivalent amount from a 'mixed fruit' package I had.  I brought them into work on Monday to share, and while everyone raved about them, I think they were a bit too dry.  A bit less time in the oven next time methinks.
The dough after it had risen.

The recipe said to 'punch' the dough, so I did!

Adding the crosses, they're really just made of glue!

Shiny buns.
I've been crocheting quite a bit too.  As soon as I take some pictures of my recent projects I'll put them up!!


  1. Yum, your hot cross buns look so good! I made some too, just finished eating one in fact!

  2. hello fancy pants,
    just wanted to do a drive by and let you know -
    your blog is all kinds of lovely!
    That is all. exohexoh