12 February 2011

Unfinished business

So, I created the blog to show off how clever and creative I am.  At the time I got majorly into crochet, was very proud of myself and wanted to post lovely pictures.

Problem... I have a horrible habit.  STARTITIS!  I have started sooo many projects and finished none :(

In an effort to make myself feel better, I am going to SHOW OFF all my UNFINISHED items!  Maybe it will even compel me to get my butt into gear and start FINISHING something :D

Inspired by the lovely Lucy of Attic24, yesterday at work I made this flower.  Possible test for a scarf/shawl as described by Lucy here.

This next one will hopefully become some Lacy fingerless gloves.  I just started these today, and one glove is nearly complete.  The yarn is a bit ugly but the colour is pretty.  

My TARDIS.  MINE!!  I'm improvising this pattern from my own noggin'.  It will eventually be a funcitonal box.  Each side of the Tardis is made separately, I will crochet them all together and it will be supported by a wooden box inside.  Inspired by this
My big squisy super bulky blanket.  It's quite fun using a giant 15mm hook. Based on a free pattern by Lion Brand, but a pattern isn't really necessary if you know how to make a granny sqare.  Unfortunately, nearly used all my yarn already, and it's only 80cm squared.  So a mini blankie.  If you have any Moda Vera Airone in Raspberry, Gold or Shades of blue you'd be willing to part with, let me know!

Another Lucy inspired project, this will eventually be a afghan.  Lacking motivation at the moment due to excessive ends to be weaved in.

Sadly, there are some other unfinished things I could include, but this is getting ridiculous!


  1. So many lovely things in this post (The tardis especially made me smile - I'm all for the Who-love :P)

    I love your Lucy squares, I'm working on the same thing at the moment. Your comment about the ends made me giggle - I just put up a post on my blog about the daunting prospect of all those ends!

    Much love,

  2. I have this problem too, just too many beautiful patterns and yarns to try!