10 March 2015

365: January 2015

I started another 365 project on 1 January on instagram this year. I'm not particularly artful but I do like looking back at my year to see what was happening.  It is extremely challenging to find something to take a picture of when your life is very routine, so my main goal is to look around each day for something different, for inspiration or whatever.


  1. A new diary, with the intention of writing something every day, which I am not ashamed to say I am failing massively at.
  2. The ever trendy sneakers-with-dress look, walking to work, sticking to my new years reso to get fit.
  3. It only took me 3 days to get a pic of The Kitten in.  
  4. My lunch, because that's what instagram is for right?
  5. Re-watching The Hobbit movies before seeing the last one (which I still haven't seen btw)
  6. My belated Chrissy present to myself, a set of knit-pro interchangeable needles, worth every penny.
  7. Classy decorations at Spaghetti Tree, spotted during lunch.
  8. Learning new skills: buttonholes for my McCalls 6696.
  9. First ever traffic infringement :(
  10. Some of my very numerous pop figures.
  11. Attempted arty shot of my baboo.
  12. 1-2-3-ISAGENIX.  I am liking this program btw.  I might write more about it at some point, even if it does feel like I've joined a cult.
  13. Accidental purchase of a whole lot of pretty vintage patterns.
  14. "Shoes make me happy, I'm superficial, whatever." =D
  15. I want to complete my Pratchett library this year.  Latest edition, Men at Arms.
  16. Hot Cross Buns in January!?!  I'm not surprised, but yikes.
  17. Dead plants.  So good at gardening.
  18. Hanstan pretties.  My collection is looking shit hot, seriously. 
  19. Still loving postcrossing.
  20. Melbourne's laneways are so photogenic.
  21. I love isagenix, but I get really hungry and really appreciate actual food now.
  22. Artichoke tureen.  Another addition to another of my shit hot collections.
  23. Knitting.  slow slow progress. 
  24. Creepy animatronic bakers at Bourkies Bakehouse.
  25. My little sis modelling a 'bowser bra'.
  26. This is kinda a cool book for knitters.  I would recommend.
  27. Tomatoes.
  28. A walk through Fitzroy Gardens.
  29. Vintage knitting book from Brotherhood Books (which is an amazing website if you haven't heard of it).
  30. Choosing a nail polish colour.  
  31. Literally watching the grass grow.


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