23 January 2015

FO: McCalls 6696 - the bluest blue that ever blued

So I got sucked into Mary's recent sew-a-long.

Idle Fancy

Thank god the deadline was extended, I would have had no hope!

I must say, I think this is the cutest fucking thing I have ever made.  Just look at it.  Bloody adorable.

After making 3 kwik sew 3521's in quick succession, this was a very challenging pattern for me.  So many bits!  Buttonholes!  A collar! Hand stitching!  It was a labour of love and I'm really happy I persevered (even after a collar related tantrum) to finish this off.  There are a lot of faults but I've received my favourite reaction while wearing this dress - You didn't make that??!

This dress was another lesson in patience, slowing down and taking my time,  The topstitching is wonky, the buttons are not spaced evenly (or even centered properly) and the collar is a mess.  But I bet you couldn't tell right?  The cute definitely distracts from the shitty sewing skills,  I'll take that.

I had so much trouble getting the collar in.  I decided to follow the pattern rather than use a different method (this one is apparently much easier) and do kinda regret it.  You have to turn it this way and that, tucking in the seams and edges.  My collar was way to big for my neckline, and no amount of easing would tame it.  I ended up sacrificing the protruding edge of the collar stand to get the damn thing on.  I don't think it's fatal. I feel like it's a mess but I'm sure no one else is looking that closely. 

I can't remember exactly how much fabric I had, but I squeezed this baby out of every cm of it.  I had to use some offcuts from my house dress for the yoke, waistband facing and pockets, which I don't necessarily think is a bad thing.  The pockets aren't quite deep enough for me.  For my next one I'll give myself some more room. 

What else can I say.  It's my new favourite make and I think my wardrobe could easily accommodate like, 10 of these.  The full pleated skirt is beautifully floaty but not overbearing.

Pattern:  McCalls 6696, view A.  I cut a straight 16 and I'm really happy with the fit.  The armscythes could be a bit smaller, but I don't think that's a big deal.


  • I feel like there may have been a CB seam in the skirt which I eliminated, but I may be wrong. 
  • I top stitched (poorly) the hem, button bands and collar to break up the blue a bit. 
  • only used 9 buttons, omitted the button on the collar.

Fabric:  Poly cotton shirting in 'Peacock' from Lincraft, $2.80 p/m.  I think I had about 2.5m.

Notions: 9 x 1/2" white plastic buttons

Sewing review here



  1. What a pretty dress! It looks great on you too ^___^

  2. Beautiful dress in a summary colour. Isn't this pattern perfect with so many detail? You're right there is a central back seam :)