15 December 2013

365: 241-260

I've fallen a bit behind but I am still interested in this project.  It's definitely hard to find things to capture when you're going through the daily grind.  Even so, I quite like this set.

241.  The daily commute.
242.  Awesome movies are awesome.
243.  Memes at work.  Yes, memes at work.
244.  A peacock!  I saw a peacock!!
245.  The bonboniere at a recent wedding I attended - Penguin books for everyone!
246.  Artfully composed shot of new project.
247.  Crochet out of hibernatio, with added Kitten.
248.  Love me a bento.
249.  New addiction.
250.  Sweet gift from a sweet friend.
251.  Cinema carpet.
252.  Melbourne trams.
253.  Cute graffiti is cute.
254.  Oliver Lane in the rain.
255.  Honey Cowl III coming along.
256.  My favourite Eight Treasures tea from Shandong Mama.
257.  Awesome gifted craft book.
258.  A gift from a lovely sister!
259.  Love this picture of The Kitten.
260.  Checking out the rebuilt Southern Star (LOL has actually been renamed the Melbourne Star).



  1. I always like seeing your photographs on Instagram. Is that Crobots book any good? It looks pretty darn adorable!

    1. thanks :D it's a cute book, but i think the cover robot is the best. there are some weird designs in there. I havent made any of them yet!