22 December 2012

Caturday: Catmas edition

You may (or may not, whatevs) be wondering what on Earth happened to Caturday.  If you'd been counting, we made it to 34 Caturdays (35 counting this post!)  Anyway, I'm continuing Caturday but am dropping the Mr Linky, mainly because I can't be bothered most of the time.  A big shout out to Beadknitter, who participated in Caturday most often, thanks so much xox.  Y'all are most welcome (and encouraged) to include your kitty posts in the comments below and I will def check em out!

This is the ChristCatmas edition of Caturday!  Wooo!

This morning, The Kitten was at her finest in modelling *cough*beingtortured*cough* her Santa hat.  Thanks for getting into the Catmas spirit!

Have you ever seen a happier feline??

And to keep the Catmas spirit going, here and here are more festive furry friends!

Merry Catmas xox


  1. He he, she's so cute! I love how flexible and funny cats are ^_^

  2. Adorable!Love that last picture the most! What a good sport.