12 October 2012


When you get a new gadget, are you like me and totally covet and swoon over it?  I do.  I just got myself a new phone.  Getting a new phone is a Big Deal for me.  I was going to have to be commited to this new piece of technology for Two Years.  I previously had a little Blackberry (the only thing it had going for it was that it was purple), and the amount of things I couldn't do with it was getting ridiculous.  I didn't want an iphone, because Apple.  (Also, googling to find an appropriate 'evil Apple' link I found this.  Now I wish I got a Nokia E70!! I love you internet)

Anyway, I've now commited myself to a Samsung Galaxy S3(It's designed for humans - can you say the same about the iphone?  hmmm?)  I'm very pleased.  It does lots of fancy things.  I can finally play Angry Birds.  I can use Instagram.  Words with Friends!  All the things that you've probably been doing for the last couple of years are finally at my fingertips. 

Anyway back to the coveting part.  Now that I had this new shiny toy, I needed to protect it!!  My precioussss!  I'm super paranoid about the screen getting damaged etc.  So, enter my mad crochet skillz and exit my resulting amazing tapestry crochet phone case

If you want to make one, it's pretty simple.  I used some generic DK acrylic yarn from a chain store and a 4mm hook.

Using two colours, ch 17 with both strands. 
Row 1:  dc into second ch from hook and next 2 ch using first colour, change colours* and dc into next 3 chs using second colour.  Keep doing this (3 dc in each alternating colour), and when you get to the last ch, dc 3 with colour 2 and then 1 dc with colour 1 (so putting 4 dc into the last ch).  Rotate your work and dc down the other side of the chain, continuing 3 dc of each colour.  When you get back to the first ch, dc 2 in colour 2, then dc 1 in that same colour on top of the first st of row 1.  You should have had to change colours 12 times (ie you will aave 12 stripes). 

Row 2 and all subsequent rows:  continue pattern of 3 dc in each alternating colour around in a spiral until your phone case is the desired length.

Once you've got it the size you want, choose one of your colours and sl st around the top.  This will prevent the opening from stretching out and will help it look finished.  Weave in your ends!

* if you don't know how to change colours this might help.  Essentially when drawing through your last loop of the dc you use the colour you are changing to.

Hopefully this chart might help out.  The most difficult thing I found was getting the foundation chain the right number so my stripes were even!

Now, at the end my phone case was a bit snug for my phone, so I crammed a piece of cardboard inside to stretch it out and steam blocked it, seeing as I used acrylic yarn.  It worked perfectly!  If you use wool blocking will do much more wonderous things for you, so it might stretch out a bit more.

Do let me know if you make one for electronic gadgets! 

Also, this pattern is now on Ravelry here :)

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  1. Your post made me laugh :) Hubby just got the Samsung S3 it is awe-inspiring. The screen resolution is something of a fascination to me, I must say. It is a bit big for my liking though, so I have gone with the ....."Evil Laugh".... iPhone 4 as my next phone, I don't need the Siri or whatever else the new one offers, and am quite happy to wait for another 2 years to hear how the new one fares!
    Love your cover, would it fit the iPhone?

  2. Love it--both the product and the cover. Pretty stripes too.

  3. I've heard very good things about that phone. The screen is amazing! I'll still always be a member of the evil apple cult though, I was raised into it (my only pc was a windows 3.1 when I was 8).

  4. Hysterical!!!! LOLOL! But you've given me what I need to make my next phone purchase. I'm anti Apple so that Samsung sounds like a great option.

  5. Ooooh, I lurve that case. I've just got the new iphone (because, y'know, I like them) and have been mulling over some case possibilities myself.

  6. I love this tapestry cozy! Thank you! :)
    Lee Ann

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    YouTube Channel:
    #crochetgottaloveit #crochet

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